I’ve always liked being in the air.  Whether flying myself or as a passenger, the expanded context of the aerial vantage helps synthesize observations from the ground—abstracting details of our daily routines to form new connections. Most of my work also explores the interaction between nature and the designed world. I’m particularly interested in how the details of weather, light, and elevation change perception, and how these factors contribute to the specific character of a place or experience.


Steve Imrich holds a Master of Architecture from MIT and a BA from Goddard College with a concentration in Fine Arts and History. He studied painting, drawing and sculpture at Goddard before focusing on architecture and design studies. Imrich is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, a LEED AP and has practiced as a designer and architect, primarily as a senior designer and Principal at CambridgeSeven Associates. Steve is also a commercial rated pilot with single-engine, multi-engine, instrument, glider and seaplane ratings. Many of Imrich’s paintings recollect memories of landscapes seen while flying, and his current work experiments with interactions between weather and specific locales. Steve lives and paints in Cambridge/Somerville, MA.